David Szeto

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Autumn Winter circa 2012

Collection: coco barb├Ęs

Autumn-Winter/Spring-Summer 2012 starting point with the idea of mixing identity through dressing.

Re-interpretating classic Chanel suiting, chains pearl black/white and gold trimmings through the eyes of Afro-Parisian women, hence Coco (Chanel) Barbès (Barbès Rochechouart) Paris’s African district.


‘IKAT’ checkers and leopard prints on silk twills are draped into dresses and tops, occasionaly trimmed with chunky chains and buckles. Narrow shoulder jackets with deep armholes and skinny sleeved, A-line jackets are weighted down with aluminum chains ‘set into the linings and purposely exposed on the outside’.

The colours include deep purples, emerald greens, 

midnight blue, greys, red and black with white.